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Sigvaris Performance Compression Leg Sleeves 20-30mmHg – 412V

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Sigvaris Performance 20-30 mmHg Sports Compression Leg Sleeves; peak your performance with true graduated compression.

Sigvaris Performance Sport Compression Leg Sleeves are Sigvaris‘ newest addition to their Active Therapy Compression line. This high-tech unisex sports compression sleeve is designed with all of the benefits to help peak your performance while delivering true 20-30 mmHg gradient compression.


• Stabilizes & diminishes vibrations of active muscles for faster regeneration
• Latex-free high-tech fibers provide odor and thermal control; sleeve stays incredibly dry
• Extra-wide comfort top band keeps sleeve comfortably in place
• Less aching and cramping to optimize performance potential
• True graduated compression (20-30mmHg)


• Increased Circulation
• Improved blood flow through the veins
• Increased Oxygen to the Muscle Tissues
• Less Lactic Acid buildup in the legs during exercise
• Reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness in legs
• Precise Sizing for optimal comfort and guaranteed fit
• True Graduated Compression


• Longer Endurance due to increased blood circulation and increased oxygen delivery to muscle tissue.
• Faster Regeneration
• Less Aching & Cramping helping to optimize performance potential.

Who’s Already Wearing Them?:

SIGVARIS has strategic partnerships in place with established endurance sports organizations and athletes in North America, such as Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA), USProTri, Southern Crescent Cycling Club, David O’Meara – The One Mile Runner, LPGA’s Brittany Lincicome, and Cross Country Canada (CCC-skiing). SIGVARIS is also an official supplier to the Indianapolis Colts and the Atlanta Falcons supplying both NFL teams with socks for training, travel and recovery for the 2010 and 2011 football seasons.

Fiber Content
• 64% Nylon
• 17% Polyester
• 19% Spandex

Sigvaris Performance Sports Sleeves are intended for healthy individuals for use in athletic activities only. If you have a serious medical condition such as major venous insufficiency, diabetes, major pooling or swelling in the feet, it is not recommended that you purchase these.

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