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Sigvaris Men's & Women's


Sigvaris Men’s & Women’s Athletic Recovery Socks 15-20mmHg

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Sigvaris Men’s & Women’s Athletic Recovery Socks 15-20mmHg    

Have you long desired versatile athletic support socks that are just as comfortable as they are effective? Introducing Sigvaris Men’s & Women’s Athletic Recovery Socks 15-20mmHg.

This pair of Sigvaris athletic support socks are specifically crafted to alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness for men and women. They’re crafted with 67% Dri-release Polyester, 26% Nylon, and 7% Spandex, so you can be sure that breathability and comfort are a priority. And,  the innovative “Dri-release” technology eliminates virtually all odors, to boot.

Available colors: black, white.

Sigvaris Item Numbers: 144CA00 , 144CB00 , 144CC00 , 144CD00184CA00184CB00184CC00184CD00,? 144CA99 , 144CB99 , 144CC99 , 144CD99184CA99184CB99184CC99184CD99

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