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Sigvaris Mens

Sigvaris Mens

Sigvaris 186C Casual Cotton 15-20mmHg Closed Toe Men’s Knee Highs

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Sigvaris 186C Casual Cotton 15-20mmHg Closed Toe Men’s Knee Highs – NEW!  

Versatile, diabetic-friendly, and made with some of the world’s best cotton, these Sigvaris men’s support stockings provide moderate graduated compression therapy for a variety of circulation issues.

They’re perfect for long distance travel, leg swelling and moderate varicose veins, as well as those with sweaty feet. And, with the stylish ribbed-aesthetic of these knee high circulation hose, nobody will be the wiser that you’ll be getting high quality circulation therapy.

Constructed with 66% Supima Cotton, 26% nylon, 8% spandex.

Available colors: black, white, navy, brown, and khaki.

Sigvaris catalog numbers: 186CA00 , 186CB00 , 186CC00 , 186CA99 , 186CB99 , 186CC99186CA10186CB10186CC10186CA11186CB11186CC11186CA30186CB30186CC30

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